wie is de mens

  • Cursus Onderzoeksvaardigheden, Haagse Hogeschool 2015- 2016
  • Cursus Theoretische Pedagogiek, HHS 2015- 2016
  • Cursussen Filosofie en Ethiek, HHS 2015-2017
  • Training Sociale en Communicatieve Vaardigheden, HHS 2015- 2016
  • Training Observeren, HHS 2016
  • Full 3rd year Bachelor Course Philosophy of Science (Wetenschapsfilosofie) Universiteit Utrecht (January- April 2015). On “Proving scientific statements” Bewijs het maar!
  • Full 3rd year Bachelor Course Philosophy of Science (Wetenschapsfilosofie) Universiteit Utrecht (January- April 2014). Denken over creativiteit
  • Full 3rd year Bachelor Course on Sustainability & Science Universiteit Utrecht (January- April 2013). Duurzaamheid als Wereldbeeld
  • Full 1st year Master Course (development, supervision and teaching) on Science and Research Ethics at the University of Bergen, Norway (August- September 2012)
  • Full Master Course for 5th year engineering students (15 weeks) on the Future of Technology (Socio-technical scenarios for the Future of Technology). Colorado School of Mines, USA (January- June 2006);
  • Full Bachelor and Master Courses developed and lectured at the TU/e (2000-2006):
    o Technology Assessment
    o Foresight and Socio-Technical Scenarios
    o Research projects on Technology and Policy
    o Ethical Reflections on Sustainability
  • Academic Guest Lectures for PhDs (Research School WTMC)
  • Academic Guest Lectures for academic and college students on UU, VU, RU Maastricht, EUR, KUB, UvA, UvT, Radboud University, RUG, UT, TUD, TU/e, Design Academy, Academie van Bouwkunst, Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, I Arts Maastricht, Colorado School of Mines, Center for Science and Technology Policy Research (CSTPR) Boulder, Universiteit Hasselt (Be), Universiteit Bergen (No), Windesheim Hogeschool.
  • Thesis supervision for >50 master students since 1994
  • Full course for bachelor students on Sustainability and Integral Chain Management at Twente University (1996-1997)
  • Bachelor course on Environmental Philosophy at Twente University (1997 – 1998)
  • Academic course development in student assistantships (Courses: wetenschap & samenleving; gender & technology, philosophy & sustainability) Twente University